Drop Mats

APR composite Drop Mats and Mobile Walkways are designed for ease of use, quick to install, eco-friendly and ideal for use in any conditions. The perfect fit for temporary path ways from an office block to a work shop or even the Oval Office. No need to ever concrete again on the mining camp site or work site.

APR can supply drop mats and mobile walkways in a modular system which can then be installed as you require them. These mats can be purchased and owned or leased to comply with your needs. Once installed they provide a great and secure way to move around any site.

APR mats are provided in 2 x standard dimensions;

  • 1200mm W x 1200 L
  • 1200mm W x 2400mm L

APR drop mats and mobile walkways provide a unique opportunity for big industry to become involved with environmental and sustainable products.

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