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Given the harsh Australian environment, many regional properties are now seeking alternatives to traditional materials. Wooden and metal options will rot, rust, break, can be susceptible to pests and can leach harmful chemicals into the water. And replacing them is not only time consuming, it’s also very expensive.

APR Posts are manufactured from 100% recycled wood plastic composite. They’re lighter than wood,stronger than plastic alone, more durable in harsh environments and require far less replacing over time. APR Posts are not treated with CCA or other chemicals, and, they’re manufactured from 100% recycled materials. We’re taking waste from landfill and producing a clean, high quality product that will not rot,crack, splinter, leach chemicals into the environment.

APR Composites Products for Agricultural Applications

All APR Products are custom designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia to your specific needs, meaning you get exactly what you need with no waste. They are also easy to install and require very little maintenance – if any at all.

  • Fence Posts
  • Garden Beds
  • Garden Stakes
  • Horse Stable Fencing
  • Oyster Posts
  • Vineyard Posts

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