With pressure to reduce carbon emissions, energy footprints and environmental impacts at an all-time high, we also understand that as much attention is now given to how products are made as to what they are made from. Our lean manufacturing process features 5 steps:

    • HDPE plastic resin pellet is melted
    • The resin is then compounded with micronized wood flour and UV protection compounds
    • The compounded material is then continuously extruded through a die-cut profile
    • The material, now a wood plastic composite, is cooled with recirculated water
    • Finished product is automatically cut to length, packed and dispatched


APR utilises the very latest in engineering equipment, machinery and technology from around Australia and the world. Having invested substantial amounts in both hardware and research and development, APR sits at the very forefront of recycling technology and manufacturing techniques, following industry best practice guidelines. In this way, we are able to both maximize the amount of material we recycle and ensure the quality of our products is always top notch.


APR aligns with professional support partners to ensure a full range of services are available Australia wide; Conceptual design consultancy, engineering and design development, custom manufacturing and assembly, as well as onsite commissioning during the early stages of your project.